After a long and tiring day, the last thing on your mind is running from pillar to post, in search of relaxation. And that is the main reason for the birth of tailor made, exclusive apartments.

Luxury homes are not only about discernment and image, but also about their uber-luxe amenities. In a market where “all modern amenities” have become a common selling point, how will you differentiate your home from what’s already being sold as lavish residences?


The answer is a Bespoke Home.Homes designed to spoil you with precedence! A personal garden, lavishly spread open spaces, indulgent interiors and the edge of being located in the heart of the city!


Mumbai was one of the first movers when it came to tailor made, luxury homes. The apartments came appended with hanging gardens, two-storey high decks, custom-designed interiors and a fancy home automation system.

Our lives have become so fast, that we hardly have the time to stand and stare. Leave alone, going to a garden for a stroll or for simply breathing in fresh air. In this concrete jungle, even a pinch of greenery is soothing to the eye. Imagine having an apartment with a private garden? Seems like a dream come true.

Though it seems obvious, here are some advantages of a personal garden can have for you very personal preferences:

  • - A personal space to relax and unwind
  • - Soak in the sun every morning, with a breath of fresh air
  • - A great space for hosting get togethers
  • - A great visual appeal to your home
  • - You can convert it to your personal vegetable/fruit or even medicinal garden

And the best part is that there is absolutely no disadvantage that overrides these advantages. Any home will be complete, gorgeous and more-with-nature with the presence of an easy to maintain personal garden.

If you are wondering that such homes are made only for case studies and might not even be available in your vicinity, think again. Maple Tree Garden Homes has officially launched! Here, the bar is raised higher than ever before and homeowners get more than just a sense of exclusivity. With a legacy of thoughtful construction since more than 50 years, Ganesh Housing truly understands and appreciates the value of exclusivity.

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